volume 8 issue 1

September 1982 / 30 pages

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As If Not

D. A. Carson

I shall begin with a well-known exegetical conundrum and then branch out to a much larger issue that none of us can afford to ignore. In a context where Paul is talking about "virgins," both men and women, and delivers his judgment as to whether they should get married, he writes, "Because of the present crisis, I think that it is good for a man to remain as he is" (1 Cor 7:26). To what does "the present crisis" refer? The Greek word ἀνάγκη has commonly been understood in one of two ways....

Colonial Atheism: A Very British Vice

Michael J. Ovey

As I write this the UK Parliament is considering Clause 1(1) of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. It reads 'Marriage of same sex couples is lawful'. Aside from all considerations about how Christians should respond to same-sex attraction and see biblical teaching reflected in the law of the land, what intrigues me here is one of the background assumptions, namely, that same-sex marriage is possible...

The Pastoral Implications of Wise and Foolish Speech in the Book of Proverbs

Eric Ortlund

This article is written in love and admiration for pastors in North America. It is also written in brotherly concern, because pastors in our culture are frequently subjected to gossip, slander, and malicious speech. You probably do not have to attend church meetings for very long before witnessing this for yourself.

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