volume 5 issue 1

September 1979 / 22 pages

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D. A. Carson

Most readers of Themelios will be aware that the word “perfectionism” is commonly attached in theological circles to one subset of the Wesleyan tradition. As far as I can tell, the numbers who defend such perfectionism today are rather depleted. They hold that progressive sanctification is not only desirable and attainable but, borne along by grace, can result in a life of sinlessness here and now...

The Importance of Not Studying Theology

Carl Trueman

It might seem odd to write an editorial for a theological journal on the topic of not doing theology and how important that can be; and, indeed, perhaps it is contrarian even by my own exacting standards. But it is nonetheless important. Let me explain.

The Church: A Hidden Glory (1 Timothy 3:14–16)

Bill Kynes

I didn’t come from an Evangelical home, and though he never told me outright, I’m sure my father never wanted me to become a pastor. I can’t blame him—not one bit. My father was a corporate attorney who traveled in circles of power and influence. He had been involved in politics and was friends with senators and governors.

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